ShareTree as a Charity

Where are you located?

Our head office is based in Melbourne, Australia. Our face-to-face Character and Culture Development Programs can be delivered to schools, businesses and community groups anywhere on the planet. Our app for Cultivating Culture and Community is available to anyone  with an internet connection.

Is there a fee for the Character and Culture Development Program?

Yes. The fee is dependent on the number of participants and is structured to cover the cost of a program facilitator and course materials. As ShareTree is a registered charity, the fee is considered a service and is a fully tax-deductible as an organisational expense.

Do you offer other character education services?

In addition to our multi-day Character and Culture Development Program, we also offer ongoing character mentoring for schools, businesses and community groups, from one-on-one sessions to multi-group sessions.

We also offer the ShareTree mobile phone app which can be used by individuals, community groups and organisations for the purposes of character development and volunteering time, skills and resources.

How does ShareTree receive funding?

The ShareTree charity model is unique.  It has been designed in a way that invests in creating social businesses that are half for-profit and income capped; and half owned by a charity. Each business that ShareTree has seed-funded, created or acquired is a 50% charity-owned entity because ShareTree is invested in the business venture.

ShareTree has seed-funded a range of businesses in different industries. These businesses are required to meet strict income fairness standards, which regulate a maximum of 30:1 income distribution ratio cap. This means that no person within the entity will ever earn more than 30 times the lowest income earner. Unlike other entities, income is wholly declared and includes wages, profit shares, dividends, and fringe benefits.

ShareTree App

I can't find my Email Verification

Please check your Junk Mail or Spam folder for the verification email.

If you still aren’t able to find it

      1. From your Individual ShareTree, go to your Profile (by tapping on your profile screen)
      2. Then tap on Info
      3. Scroll down
      4. Tap to resend the Verification Email.

How do I reset my Password?

      1. From your Individual ShareTree, tap on your profile image
      2. Tap on Settings
      3. Tap on Change Password
      4. Update your Password as required.

I can't seem to find the app on the App Store / Google PlayStore

This may be because your device doesn’t support the minimum requirements needed to run our app.

For iOS Devices, it needs to be able to run iOS 9 and above.

For Android Devices, it needs to be able to run Android OS 5 and above.

I can't seem to be able to Update the app on the App Store / Google PlayStore

There may be various reasons why you aren’t able to update your app. Here are some workarounds / checks to perform to ensure your app can be updated

      1. Ensure you have enough Storage Space by going to your device setting and remove unnecessary files.
      2. Make sure your internet connection is stable (use Wifi if necessary)
      3. Exit the App Store / Google Play Store App, and restart it
      4. Restart your device.