Discovering and Cultivating Your Character

Character can be cultivated through our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. These ultimately become the habits that define our character.

Cultivating good character requires understanding, practice and a growth mindset that believes that change is possible. Building on the character strengths we have makes them stronger. We can also help shape the character of others by acknowledging the character strengths within them. The practice of acknowledging – along with the practice of gratitude – is the key to cultivating character in self, in others, and to nurture good relationships.

Can the simple concept of SHARING make an impact on our character? 

It is common practice that when we share, the recipient is compelled to reciprocate – at times, in even greater amounts to show their appreciation. Sharing can also compel others who witness the gesture, to do the same. In other words, sharing is contagious!

How do we promote a culture of sharing?

It can simply start by educating people to acknowledge others for their good deeds and character qualities.

The ShareTree app

Our ShareTree app enables individuals to cultivate character within themselves and within others. The app allows individuals to do the following:

  • Create a ShareTree profile
  • Invite others to connect with you
  • Conduct a character self-assessment using the ShareTree Character Profiling tool
  • Discover the strength of your character and growth opportunities
  • Access 120 Character Cards for contemplation and guidance around the practice of specific character qualities
  • Share acknowledgements to others for a demonstrated character quality
  • Share your time, resources and skills to help others through volunteering

The ShareTree App – Available for iOS & ANDROID!