Founder, CEO, Program Facilitator

Steven founded ShareTree in 2012 as part of his life-long purpose to drive the global shift in equality and affect change around the uneven distribution of education, wealth and opportunity. After a successful career in engineering and founding multiple successful businesses – including the business optimisation consultancy and training organisation, Vative – Steven pledged 66%…

Jetha Devapura

Secretary, Program Facilitator

Jetha has a Master of Business Administration and a degree in electrical engineering. He is a Lean Business Specialist and is also Founder, President and CEO of CCC Foundation Australia Inc. Jetha is Group CEO of Vative and sits as the ShareTree Committee Secretary as a representative of Vative.

Jacqueline Miao

Treasurer, Committee Member

Jacqueline is a Certified Practicing Accountant and has a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance. Jacqueline manages financial strategy and budget; the development and maintenance of accounting and reporting systems; and supports governance, auditing and compliance requirements. Jacqueline is also a ShareTree Committee Member.

Parth Bommakanti

Program Facilitator

Parth has more than 25 years’ experience in business and leadership transformation, coaching, training and mentoring. Parth is especially inspired by developing character in people and teams, watching them shine as they see something new in themselves and their life.

Emi Kojima

ShareTree Committee Support

Emi specialises in executive assistance for ShareTree and Vative. Emi assists with arranging partnership development opportunities and administration and is also a ShareTree Committee Member.

Liz Sonntag

Communication Manager, Committee Member

A former journalist, Liz’s professional expertise comprises 15 years in the print media industry and seven years in healthcare as a fundraising and communication specialist. Liz oversees communication and social media for ShareTree and is a ShareTree Committee Member.

Kevin Chin

Development Project Leader

An experienced IT Consultant specialising in mobile app development, Kevin now manages the development of the ShareTree digital platform. Kevin is passionate about learning, thinking and designing for the betterment of society.

Technology Co-founder, Strategic Director of Appomate

Tim is ShareTree’s Technology Founder and provides strategic direction for Appomate. Tim is continually pushing Appomate to innovate our technology and services to provide better value.                    

Technology Co-founder, Appomate

The founder of Appomate, ShareTree’s technology co-founder, he is the all-knowing seer in the world of apps and his vision is to help Appomate “Live Bigger” by creating their dream app to provide better value.