Founder, CEO, Program Facilitator

Steven founded ShareTree in 2012 to affect global change in the uneven distribution of education, wealth and opportunity. An engineer and entrepreneur, Steven created a unique model of social business and philanthropy that ensures profits of all ShareTree entities are evenly distributed back into the community for charitable benefit. Character quality: INSPIRATION

Secretary, Program Facilitator

Jetha has a Master of Business Administration & a degree in electrical engineering. He is a Lean Business Specialist & is Founder, President & CEO of CCC Foundation Australia Inc. Jetha is Head of Customer Solutions & Communications at Vative & is ShareTree Committee Secretary as a representative of Vative. Character quality: GENEROSITY

Treasurer, Committee Member

Jacqueline is a Certified Practicing Accountant, with a Master of Business Administration & a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance. Jacqueline manages financial strategy & budget; the development & maintenance of accounting & reporting systems; & supports governance, auditing & compliance requirements. Jacqueline is a ShareTree Committee Member. Character quality: CARING

Program Facilitator

Parth has 25+ years’ experience in business and leadership transformation, coaching, training and mentoring. Parth is especially inspired by developing character in people and teams, watching them shine as they see something new in themselves and their life. Character quality: COMPASSION

Communications Manager, Committee Member

A former journalist and fundraising and communications coordinator, Liz oversees communications and social media for ShareTree. Liz is a ShareTree Committee Member. Character quality: HUMOUR