The ShareTree platform was developed to educate, engage and empower schools, community organisations, and businesses to share their knowledge, time, skills and resources, to promote greater equality, wealth equity and harmony in society.

We EDUCATE by providing Cultivating Character and Culture Programs for teachers, administrators, parents and business leaders, focusing on character education.

Featuring interactive workshops, the programs teach the Five Strategies of character development, enabling individuals to apply their learning to themselves, their students, their employees and to their community.

The programs aim to create a culture of character in schools, community groups and businesses by enhancing the practices of caring, respect and unity.


To learn more about our program for Schools, click here.

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ShareTree Character Endorsed Schools

Here are some of the schools which have undergone and completed the ShareTree character education program.

ShareTree and Discovering Your Purpose

At ShareTree, we believe in helping others discover their purpose in life. We created the ShareTree Global Initiatives to help organise effort and to help like-minded individuals connect. We are also aligned with the UN Sustainable Developmental Goals.

When setting up your profile within the app, you will be asked to select which Initiative you support. You can update this choice in feature as we understand that you may want to explore and find the cause which resonates with you the most.

Clean Water & Food (providing access to nourishment) – Initiatives that provide food and water and empowers communities to be sustainable


Access to Education (providing learning opportunities) – Initiatives that bring opportunities to everyone to have an education

Environmental Sustainability (promoting safe ad sustainable environments) – Initiatives that promote responsible energy usage and sustaining the environment.



Wellbeing (promoting good health) – Initiatives that promote good health, improvement through research and prevention

Character Development (developing human character) – Initiatives that promotes human ethics and development of human character

Income Equality (promoting wealth share) – Initiatives that promotes and sets standards in income and wealth equality in line with the 30:1 income ratio.


Equal Rights (promoting rights for all beings) – Initiatives that promote and support rights of humans and animals

Shelter and Infrastructure initiatives that provide housing for the needy, infrastructure and innovation


Global Peace (reducing war and conflict) – Initiatives to reduce war and conflict and promote peace and harmony

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