The ShareTree social purpose platform has been developed to educate, engage, and empower individuals, schools, community organisations, and businesses to discover their purpose and vision and cultivate character so they can live purposeful and meaningful lives.

ShareTree is working to address the uneven distribution of education, income and opportunity in the world.

We EMPOWER by promoting organisations that foster fairer wealth and income distribution. These are organisations which have achieved the ShareTree Share Standards. The standard is achieved through ShareTree assessment on how the organisation has embraced cultivating character and engaged in community development to foster greater equality and harmony in society.

Current global wealth distribution figures show that the top 1% of the population currently hold 46% of the world’s wealth. The average ratio is 100:1.

The ShareTree Social Business Model is based on establishing a maximum 30:1 ratio of income distribution between individuals and organisations, to help create greater income equity.

The model also requires businesses to engage communities by donating up to 5% of their profits to not-for-profit organisations or charities.

Ultimately, the ShareTree Social Business Model promotes fairer income distribution, for the greater benefit of society.


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