The ShareTree platform was developed to educate, engage, and empower individuals, schools, community organisations, and businesses to share their knowledge, time, skills and resources, to promote greater equality, income equity.

We ENGAGE by connecting the skills of people and businesses with schools and community organisations through volunteering.

The ShareTree App enables community organisations to seek new volunteers and manage and acknowledge the outstanding services delivered by its members.

Contact us through our Online form found on this page, should you like to know how ShareTree can help your organisation today.

Volunteering features for Community Organisations

Community Organisations, Charities, and Not-for-Profits all face the same challenge of recruiting inspired, motivated, and skilled volunteers. With the ShareTree App, you can create a Volunteer Request. Be found by volunteers seeking to serve the community, and engage with them to help you achieve your organisation’s purpose and vision. Show your volunteers you care by using the ShareTree App to acknowledge their contributions and achievements to your organisation.

Engage Enquiry Form

Volunteering features for Individuals, Schools and Businesses

Whether you are an individual, involved in a school or business, finding a way to give back to the community can be challenging. Where do you start? You start with the ShareTree App! You have the ability to search on the App for Volunteer Requests where you will find community organisations, charities, and not-for-profits that align to your purpose; thereby providing the right opportunity to give back to the community.