ShareTree Products & Services

At ShareTree we are passionate about evolving Character Culture and Community. We have developed best practice character and culture resources to:

  • assist with your personal character development journey
  • cultivate purposeful and authentic team cultures
  • support the development of children in schools and families

ShareTree is a charitable entity, which means your tax deductible investment in our products and services goes back into the community to further character and culture development.

ShareTree Storytelling – Evolving Character & Culture Through Professional Storytelling

In today’s interconnected world, organisations continue to incubate greater diversity, continuous improvement and experience movement in people and partnerships. Through this melting pot of ingredients, leading organisations have discovered that Professional Storytelling techniques can inspire teams into action, influence cultures and support core values. Run by Hish Fernando (TEDx Melbourne speaker), he caters for group sessions, individual coaching, and assisting with establishing a TEDx Corporate event under licence.

ShareTree Character Card Deck

Character Cards are a meaningful resource to create authentic connections with family, friends, colleagues and teams.

Each of these 120 character cards include a description of each unique character quality, their guiding principles, a thought provoking image and an inspirational quote. When used purposefully they provide:

  • a means to acknowledge the strengths and qualities of those around you and yourself
  • insight into the aspirational character qualities of individuals and teams
  • evidence of individual and team character strengths
  • a means to raise discussion to be more purposeful
  • character centered reflection

Useful to individuals, parents, leaders, coaches and mind/body/spirit related activities.

This deck comes with its own bag and suggestions for activities.

ShareTree Character & Culture Display

A world first, ShareTree has developed a Character & Culture Display (CCD) unit. This free standing multi-touch, motion activated unit conserves energy usage. Designed to promote and cultivate team culture that are centered around gratitude and authentic connections. The  CCD in conjunction with the ShareTree App fosters well-being, appreciation, collaboration, innovation and overall performance optimisation. Can be either web or mobile app enabled to promote best practice team engagement for schools, businesses or community organisations.

The CCD can also be easily integrated and networked with IT and other team performance dashboards and software, making it a single center for team culture, performance and engagement.

Suited to offices, factories, shops, staff room, board room, classroom, foyers, community centers and waiting rooms. People and teams are finding new ways to use this unit every day.

ShareTree App

The ShareTree App and social purpose platform have been developed to give schools, community groups, businesses and individuals an opportunity to SHARE their acknowledgement of others’ character qualities; as well as SHARE their time, skills and resources by making meaningful contributions to the community through volunteering.

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