ShareTree Services

For Corporates

To transform the culture of a business, it is necessary to develop the character of the people who make up that culture, allowing each person to feel connected, significant and appreciated.

Our Corporate Culture Programs develop the character of people – leaders and employees – to create a culture of unity. 

We use People Science, technology and data to evolve the culture of your organisation to bring about higher levels of engagement, happiness and productivity.


For Community Organisations

Our skills-based volunteering days create a culture of unity and gratitude for community organisations, including employees, volunteers and leaders.

We connect people who have the skills and passions with the organisations who can benefit from the help.

For Schools

Traditionally schools have focused on knowledge and skill-based competencies to enable growth. While knowledge and skills are useful to advance academic proficiency in children, it is character that determines how effectively this knowledge is applied to the world around them.

Our Cultivating Character and Culture Program for schools aims to empower teachers, staff and parents to create a culture of character discovery and growth in their schools to foster connections, gratitude and wellbeing

For Individuals

Our ShareTree app enables individuals to cultivate character anf gratitude within themselves and within others.

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