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Traditionally schools have focused on knowledge and skill-based competencies to enable growth. While knowledge and skills are useful to advance academic proficiency in children, it is character that determines how effectively this knowledge is applied to the world around them.

Our Cultivating Character and Culture Program for schools aims to empower teachers, staff and parents to create a culture of character discovery and growth in their schools to foster connections, gratitude and wellbeing.


Our Face to Face Workshops

Using practical and effective learning methods, the program comprises interactive workshops that will cover character development strategies including:

  • Forming meaningful purpose, vision and character (values) for the school
  • Discovering the power of acknowledging one’s character
  • Learning techniques to effectively cultivate character and growth mindset
  • Creating a safe environment for discovery and growth
  • Building a culture of connection and gratitude
  • Building the skills to have deep and trusted conversations

The program enables educators to apply their learning to themselves, their students, and to the general community.

Teacher mentoring, project work and project integration is also available.

If you wish to discuss how we can assist your school, contact us today.

For more information, please download our Cultivating Character and Culture Program brochures for schools by clicking on the Download Brochure button.

The ShareTree Character Education program has been developed in partnership with
The Virtues Project™, a global initiative that inspires the practice of virtues in everyday life to bring about kindness, justice, and integrity around the world.


ShareTree Character Endorsed Schools

Here are some of the schools which have undergone and completed the ShareTree character education program.

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    Chirnside Park

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    Kilvington Grammar