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You can measure your profits, and your losses, but without measuring your organisation's culture, you really don't have a clear picture of your success.

Steven Farrugia,
Founder & CEO of ShareTree

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The ShareTree application is a global, sustainable and self propagating system that cultivates purpose, equity and harmony through the development of character, culture and community.


Businesses, Community Organisations, Schools and Individuals seeking higher purpose, increased engagement and the experience of thriving team cultures may look no further.


ShareTree App can be used to cultivate character in everyday life, support authentic acknowledgement of strengths within team members and provide data and analytics to support the design of effective culture strategies.


Featured within our App are our 120 custom made Character Cards that can be viewed and shared with others. Each contemplative card features a character quality such as wisdom, purposefulness, hope, love, courage, respect, etc. and acts as a guide to reflect on and practice specific character qualities.

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