Team Culture Programs for Workplaces & Schools

Gratitude-Centric Cultures

94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success” – Deloitte, 2018

Character & Culture Programs

Creating Leaders, Connecting People and Building Routines of Gratitude


  • Team Culture Engagement Surveys
  • Culture DNA & Values Setting
  • Organisational Evolution Assessment
  • Strategic Planning


  • ShareTree App
  • Daily Acknowledgement Reminders
  • Technology-Assisted Connections
  • Leadership Development



  • Team Monthly Culture Reporting
  • Happiness Impact
  • Individual Charametrics Assessments
  • Measurable Business Impact

Purpose & Gratitude

are the keys to building emotionally intelligent, unified, and engaged workplace cultures. 


ShareTree support organisations in cultivating these practices with proven systems, strategies and results. 

ShareTree's Mindset & Team Culture Solutions

are designed to increase:

  • Team Engagement
  • Talent Retention
  • Community Impact
  • Culture and Wellbeing
  • Performance and Innovation

CSR & Volunteering

Connect and Unite People’s Purpose and Meaning

  • Aligns Organisationals Goals
  • Build Connections through Volunteering
  • Deliver on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Goals
  • Boost Team Morale and Inspire Change
  • Support and UN Sustainability Developmental Goals
  • Skills Development and Board Opportunities
  • Create Meaningful Impact

Team Culture Engagement Overview

Because we know that leadership mindset and culture

are at the heart of creating and sustaining organisational cultures of growth and high performance, we build the ShareTree culture program and technology into programs to ensure your best outcomes.


Approximately 4x sessions 2 hour per group with remaining 6 hours allocated to preparation, admin, support and coaching

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