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1 in 5 people take time off work due to mental health and 92% of employees feel that mental health is a very important issue while 48% of employees feel their workplace is a mentally unsafe place to work. So with growing issue becoming a real challenge for employers, mental health support and recovery cost Australian’s 10.6 billion in 2018-19, which has been increasing by 1.5% each year since 2014. ref – &


While mental health issue in the workplace may always be present to some extent, it is preventable in most cases from occurring at all or at the least reduced in its impact through Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention (PPEI). The key elements to an effective strategy for prevention are the following:
    • Building holistic awareness for the individual, the leadership and the organisation
    • Identifying issues at early stage and seeing the trends of individuals and teams
    • Building a trusted support network to address challenges before they become issues
    • Check-in more regularly and providing invited support to those under strain in the time of need
    • Creating a psychologically safe culture where it is ok to be vulnerable and invite support.

Emotional Pulse was developed during the coronavirus pandemic to alleviate the challenge people experienced around mental health and how working from home reduced people’s ability to check-in and support each other during times of strain.

The technology is built in alignment with effective mental health frameworks of promotion, prevention and early intervention support. Support is most effective when is it timely, invited, trusted and skilled. Emotional Pulse fosters this type of support in a practical, confidential and human way, where technology enhances human empathic connections.
We are reducing the stigma related to mental health, increasing emotional awareness and effective support that prevents chronic mental health issues.

Emotional Pulse is to Mental Health what the Seatbelt is to Road Safety!


      1. People log their emotional state on their device at a chosen frequency and time
      2. Software provides insights to individuals and teams about emotional patterns
      3. Individuals with trends moving toward risk zones are made aware and encouraged to invite support
      4. People at risk can self-correct and frequency of checks-ins increases until they are safe
      5. Privacy of individuals is maintained always until they choose to invite trusted support
      6. Team trends of emotional pulse are provided to leaders for awareness and culture improvements
      7. Alerts and connections are made real time with real people
      8. Escalation to professional support and EAP services can be linked within the technology

Learn more about how to use the ShareTree Emotional Pulse App with the video below:

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Image displaying an example of the Emotional Pulse app's Emotion Board

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Who Can Use This

Useful for individuals, couples, parents, coaches, mental health practitioners, psychologists, leaders, team cultures, schools and workplaces.

How We Manage Your Data Security

  1. We only collect low impact data (phone number, name, email)
  2. All of our data is securely stored on Australian servers with the same security policies as large social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  3. For high security solutions, we can provide cloned local installations on your own dedicated hosting services (e.g., for government and other high security services)

Now Available

The Emotional Pulse app is available on both the App Store & Google Play.

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