Why is assessing team culture important?

When navigating to a new destination, what’s the first thing you do with your GPS? you enter your current location right? Your culture is no different, in order to improve your culture you first need to know what’s the current state of the culture. 


The ShareTree Team Culture Engagement Survey is custom developed IP that is built around 7+ years of research about what engages people in team cultures. The survey provides insights into the following:

  • People Engagement Matrix plotting each person into the 4 quadrants of culture and employee engagement
  • Team Culture Engagement Heat Map that provide simple and specific insights the guide accurate, efficient and effective culture strategy
  • General strengths and growth areas in each of the 7 Layers of Team Culture
  • General strengths and growth areas across the 5 Levers of Influence
  • Clarity on your team’s preferred 5 Ways of Being Valued
  • Specific detail regard the top three Culture Strengths
  • Specific detail regarding the top three opportunities for growth
  • Team insights regarding where they feel focus should occur to improve culture and performance.


All these powerful insights can be reported to show overall culture and/or specific sub-culture results. Once you have your results one of our highly experienced and skilled Culture Experts, will guide you through your results and help you in your next steps in Culture Strategy & Deployment.