Team Culture Engagement Survey



Through anonymous, in-depth and accurate surveys, you can effectively analyze, strategize and optimize your team for higher performance and well-being. 

Each report includes the following:


  • People Engagement Matrix plotting each person into the 4 quadrants of culture and employee engagement
  • Team Culture Engagement Heat Map that provide simple and specific insights the guide accurate, efficient and effective culture strategy
  • General strengths and growth areas in each of the 7 Layers of Team Culture
  • General strengths and growth areas across the 5 Levers of Influence
  • Clarity on your team’s preferred 5 Ways of Being Valued
  • Specific detail regard the top three Culture Strengths
  • Specific detail regarding the top three Opportunities for Growth
  • Team insights regarding where they feel focus should occur to improve culture and performance. 

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Increase Quantity based on Segments

Your first report will provide a summary for the complete culture assessed without limit on number of people.

To report on sub-cultures or sub-segments please increase the quantity as needed. Scroll up to find the quantity. 

1 x Summary Culture Report
3 x Departments
3 x Locations
= 7 Reports (Increase the quantity to 7)

Adding Custom Questions (Up to 5)

You also have the option to include up to 5 additional questions based on your organisations need. This will incur an additional charge of $AUD 299.  So please increase the quantity by an additional 1 to your final order. 

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