Culture & Character Practitioner Certified Program

do you have what it takes to IMPROVE the culture & Character of an organisation?

We empower people who value people with wisdom, support and technology to create thriving organisational cultures.

Whether you’re a leader of culture for an organisation, or a consultant that supports other organisations, we provide a science based solution that helps build authentically connected cultures with proven results. We empower you with the tools, resources, technology and support that works behind your own services & brand. 

Join a global network of professionals that are making revolutionary change in the way organisational culture is assessed, transformed and connected. ShareTree Culture Practitioners bring organisational values to life!

Why become a culture & character practitioner?

“71% of Executives say that employee engagement is critical to their companies success” – FastTrack360


“5% increase in engagement is equal to a 3% increase in revenue” – Gallup


This means there has never been a better time for Leaders, People & Culture Influencers, HR Professionals, Coaches & Consultants to be focusing on revolutionising team culture.

ShareTree have developed proprietary mindset, culture & character engagement tools that will measurably increase and improve:

  • Happiness & wellbeing in teams & workplaces
  • Team engagement & impact
  • Team retention & talent
  • Communication & unity
  • Innovation & initiative
  • Performance & results

Client collected data indicates an 8-12% increase in workplace engagement after implementing ShareTree methodology.

Engagement is directly linked to increases in revenue and profit. 

Culture is the collective Character strengths of it’s team as strategically lead by leaders. Culture requires strategic action!

Pre-requisites for this program require experience in leadership, continuous improvement, human resource, people and culture, psychology, strategy or alike.

What you get out of it

  • 12 hours of Practical Workshops & Education
  • 60 page Culture Practitioner digital handbook
  • 1x deck of 120-Character Cards
  • 1x Charametrics Assessment profile for yourself
  • 1x Team Culture Engagement Survey credit
  • Online Culture Practitioner Certification
  • 0.5 hour personal coaching session
  • First program deployment coaching & support
  • Access to content to lead & run Culture Programs
  • Listing as Certified Culture & Character Practitioner
Character & Culture DNA Virtue Cards

The capabilities you develop

  • Understand the 7 Layers & 5 Levers of Culture
  • Guide organisations with data to improve culture
  • Assess culture & guide strategies for growth
  • Deploy the ShareTree App with individuals & teams
  • Guide month to month culture strategies to a plan
  • Assess & guide organisation in recruitment for culture fit
  • Guide individuals based on character strengths 
  • Provide insights for strengths alignment to role or culture
  • Ability to unpack all Culture Reporting & Assessments
  • Make a meaningful difference in people’s lives
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