Character Education Virtue Cards

Learn about the various activities you can run using the ShareTree Character Cards with your family and colleagues.

ShareTree established and founded the ‘7 layers of Evolution’ and ‘7 Layers of Team Culture’ from correlated research between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Spiral Dynamics, NLP, Values Pendulum, Human Energy System, Adult Human Development Theory, Psychological Development Theory, Barrett Values Model, Darwinism, Social Development Theory and also Religious models.

Initiated in 2013, ShareTree integrated The Virtues Project base 100 character traits and conducted further research that included VIA Character Strengths, Templeton Institute and the Jubilee Centre for Character development and identified 20 more character traits that are commonly used with people and organisations that were not previously represented. ShareTree evolved the base 100 cards plus added 20 new character cards and created a secular non-religious set of 120 Character Virtue Cards that can be used in any aspect of life. ShareTree conducted further research to understand how the 120 Character Virtue Cards were associated to the 7 Layers of Evolution and discovered that all 120 were associated to the ‘12 Character Groups’.

These cards are widely used by businesses, community organisations, schools, families and coaches.
ShareTree also have developed a mobile app, analysis tools and reporting for character development and team culture enhancement to improved well-being and performance.


All 120 ST Character Cards