RISE Character Coaching Program

Character Coaching

At the core of all human performance professionally, intellectually, physically and emotionally, is only the strengths of character and virtue that crafts talent and competencies. Character forms the basis of how we perceive the world and how we respond to it. It plays the critical part of our mindset, thoughts, words, actions and relationships.

Leadership have a 3-5 times impact on a team culture because they create the ripples of a culture. So how do we support people, leaders and executives to refine their character when it is so important?

The challenge is that psychologists focus on mindset and behaviours and they lack the executive experience to coach real world leaders through character and organisational challenges, while executive coaches lack the understanding of psychology and character to effectively guide leaders through needed character evolution to help them reach their greater potential.


ShareTree Character Coaches provide a minimum of 10 years executive leadership experience plus are certified character coaches that are supported by in-house organisational/developmental psychologists and mediators.

The ShareTree Leadership Character Coaching programs provide one on one discreet coaching built on trust and wisdom. The program is focused on character evolution and uncovering the subconscious patterns developed over time that form the unique character of each person.

The program is bespoke built and delivered for each individual leader. It utilises science based research and technologies to enhance strengths and develop blind spots of ones character to evolve into the thriving state.

The ShareTree character coaching framework is a cycle that is split into four quadrants. Character Coahing promotes Growth, Strengths Assessment develops Awareness, Relationship Building develops Trust & Emotions, the RISE Program promotes Evolution.

Who Can Use This?

Anyone who is in a leading role could greatly benefit from this program including Executives, Leaders, Teachers, Parents, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs


Evolving Character Strengths

ShareTree Charametrics is a uniquely designed assessment tool to assess the character strengths of a person effectively and accurately and how they may fit into a described team culture and/or specific role.

Charametrics assessment is a comparison of the character strengths of a person (Characteristics) and the organisational culture and/or role aspirations (Metrics, of measure). The combination of this comparison forms ‘Chara’ – ‘Metrics’. Character Evolution is taking the qualities of a trait and evolving them through experience.

The Evolution Pendulum. It shows the character growth journey from flexing when over-utilising, to contracting when under-utilising; going back and forth like a pendulum, making smaller arcs along the way, until we reach our thriving state.

Qualities/Potential –

Every character trait is unique in the way they radiate and the types of ripples they can make. The potential for all traits to shine rests dormant in every person. For a trait to evolve and grow, we must explore both Flexing and Contracting the trait, in the same way muscles are formed. When a trait is Flexed and Contracted resourcefully, within harmonious Boundaries, this is referred to as swinging the Evolution Pendulum and in the process, we make meaningful contributions that help ourselves and others grow. This experience helps us find balance, which creates a state of flow and over many cycles of exploration this trait can become a Thriving part of our character.

Challenge –

Shadows bring contrast and depth to a perspective in the same way we view a landscape, and the same can be said about character. In the process of experiencing challenge, we discover through strain what are the unresourceful and conflicting aspects of a character trait and how to balance them into thriving states.

Under-utilised traits exist when we have a strength that we don’t exercise and evolve. This often occurs out of fear to engage with certain experiences and challenges. This fear can limit the depth and pace of our evolution.

Over-utilised traits, help us create meaningful boundaries and focused experiences that hone the unique strengths our character. Strengths are typically not under-utilised, though when we see our strength traits under-utilised by others, this can trigger frustration and challenge.

Thriving –

Like a pendulum, our character strengths will oscillate naturally to provide growth and evolution until with find balance and acceptance for the entirety of this character aspect in ourselves. When one finds balance and flow, by embracing the evolution that comes from both the qualities and challenges in cultivating a character strength, we see the potential of that strength fulfilled and a level of mastery achieved that inspires ourselves and those around us to flourish. It’s a magical state and skill that is integrated and aware. It embraces performance that gives rise to achievement, while integrated with a state of moral being. Thriving character traits require Professional, Social and/or Spiritual evolution, this can only be attained by experiencing and exploring a character trait fully and embracing the qualities and challenges as parts that together in balanced flow, create the whole.
12 character archetypes wheel

The Rise Program

“Character is built from within and revealed when we must go without.”
- Sharetree

The RISE Program is designed with qualified psychologists, mediators and character coaches to give people the awareness, skills and strategies to identify psychological limitations and strengths to support personal and professional growth by awakening character strengths and dissolving unresourceful habits.

The four steps of the RISE program are Reflection, Introspection, Severance, and Evolution

Reflection on the early stages of our life that formed the character strengths we have developed that make up our unique qualities.

Introspection into the character strengths and blind spots and understanding our unique strengths and purpose.

Severance is cutting the attachment to patterns that are unresourceful and do not serve our intention.

Evolution is refining our select growth area to reach thriving state.

The final step in the RISE framework: Evolution

Evolution is refining our selected growth area to reach thriving state.

The third step in the RISE framework: Severance

Severance is cutting the attachment to patterns that are unresourceful and do not serve our intention.

The second step in the RISE framework: Introspection

Introspection into the character strengths and blind spots and understanding our unique strengths and purpose.

The first step in the RISE framework: Reflection

Reflection on the early stages of our life that formed the character strengths we have developed that make up our unique qualities.

Rise Activities Content


  • 7 Layers of Human Evolution
  • 12 Character Strength Groups
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Perceptual Perspectives & Competency


  • Understanding Attachment & Triggers
  • Severing of Limiting Patterns & Beliefs
  • Forming Masters Mindset
  • Detachment and Empowerment


  • Relationships and Boundaries
  • Being Valued and Valuing Others
  • Managing Emotions & Expectations
  • Effective Communication


  • Personal Purpose & Values Setting
  • Personal Goals and Wellbeing Commitment
  • Character Growth Exercises
  • Evolving to Thriving State

Bespoke Coaching

Every participant is coached and supported based on their specific character in context to their experiences.