ShareTree App

The ShareTree App and social purpose platform have been developed to give schools, community groups, businesses and individuals an opportunity to SHARE their acknowledgement of others’ character qualities; as well as SHARE their time, skills and resources by making meaningful contributions to the community through volunteering.

The platform enables participants to establish their own ShareTree profile. A ShareTree profile brings individuals and community together which enables purposeful connectedness through character values.

The platform contains a deck of 120 digital Character Cards that can be viewed and shared with others. Each contemplative card features a character quality such as wisdom, purposefulness, hope, love, courage, respect, etc. and acts as a guide to reflect on and practice specific character qualities.

The platform can be used to cultivate character in everyday life.

Beta Release Available!

ShareTree is happy to announce that our app is now in Beta Release. Download the app and start Sending out Character Acknowledgements by Sending a Character Leaf. You will also have access to our 120 Digital Character Cards which you can share via social media and email.

What does Beta Release mean?

We are still working on improving the flow of the app and additional advanced function within the app. You can still benefit from the app by

  • Start sending Character Leaves and acknowledging others today!
  • Grow your ShareTree Forest by connecting with others and spreading the app with your friends and family.
  • Share with us your Character Development journey on Social Media

Feel free to send us feedback via the app (accessible from the Main Menu) or leave us a review on the App Store & Play Store!


Character Development begins with you!

How do I send a Character Leaf?

After registering, tap on the “Send a Leaf” button at the top of the app

Enter in the details of who is to receive the Character Leaf, choose the Character Strength you are acknowledging them for, and write an acknowledgement on how they have demonstrated that Character Strength. Tap the info button for more information and examples of acknowledgements.


How do I access the 120 Digital Character Cards and Share on Social Media?

Follow the steps from before to Send a Leaf, when you tap to select a Character Strength, note the Social Media share icon. Tap on that to start sharing with people you care.