Emotional Pulse Subscription

Benefits of the reports

MHFR Report

This report gives you a summary on Support Requests and Support Calls made along with a recommended list of members to be checked in with.  

  • Find out how many Support Requests have been raised by your team
  • How the Requests were resolved
  • Find out whether your EAP services are being used
  • Find out who you should check in with this month

Team Report

This report gives you a summary on Team trends, average monthly team check ins, heat map on where your team is at, and daily team averages.

  • Find out how your team is trending over the previous 6 months
  • View a breakdown of which zones your team is predominantly in: Performance, Reflective, Burnout, or Survival
  • Look for any trends in Daily check ins to see when your team may need a pick me up

Purchase a Monthly Subscription


To purchase a subscription, please leave us your details using our Contact Us form (click button below) and select “ShareTree Emotional Pulse” under what you’d like to chat with us about. 

Price per User

Orgs up to 10
Max Annual Cost $360
up to 100
Max Annual Cost $3,000
up to 1,000
Max Annual Cost $24,000
up to 10,000
Max Annual Cost $240,000