Charametrics Report



The Charametrics assessment tool is used to assess the character strengths of people and understand how their unique character strengths contribute to a team culture and/or job role based on set of aspirational/target values, virtues or character qualities.


The assessment tool can also be used to demonstrate the collective character strengths of a team of people in comparison to a culture aspirational set of values.


Charametrics reporting provides the following in every report:

  • Identifies the leading 3 Character Strengths and associated Archetypes from a Professional, Social and Spiritual perspective
  • Highlights and describes the Character Archetype of the 3 leading character strengths that includes the qualities, the challenge and the thriving state of each Archetype
  • Insight into the current phases of Character Evolution
  • Insight into the 3 most Preferred Ways of Being Valued
  • Insight into Life and Culture Needs Preference
  • Highlights unique Character Strengths against a global average
  • Insights about how Character Strengths are utilised in a team environment
  • Identifies the alignment of Character Strengths compared to a specific job role or organisational culture

Charametrics can be used for the following scenarios:

  • Performance coaching
  • Team building and connection workshops
  • Highlight collective strengths of a team compared to culture aspirations
  • Conflict resolution coaching
  • Relationship coaching
  • Leadership and Project Management
  • Recruitment for culture and role fit selection process
  • Recruitment interviewing insights to form questions
  • Custom profiling of high performance success attributes to any role or function

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