Mental Health First Responders Training



About the Program

This hybrid self-paced Mental Health First Responders (MHFR) program is a globally recognised certified course that has been developed using psychology and mental health principles and is endorsed by the Mental Health Foundation Australia.

What does this training include: 


  • Globally recognized certification 


  • Mental Health First Responder digital handbook


  • One-on-one Coaching Session to integrate the listening & reflective skillset


  • Team Emotional Pulse credit


  • Access to all digital content to run your own Mental Health & Wellbeing workshops backed by ShareTree team upon successful completion of online assessment

Promotion, Prevention, and Early Intervention Support reduces the impact on a person in mental health distress, and minimises the time and cost to recover back to a state of stability. Mental health distress, left undetected and unsupported, can lead to chronic mental health issues and increase the chance of risk and time for recovery.

Attend our introductory practical workshop to understand how to LIFT your community out of crisis and how to ACT to effectively respond during a time of need.   Find your next virtual event here.

Who Can Use This

Leaders, Mental Health Supports, Human Resource Leaders, Chaplains, Psychologists, Emergency Responders, Parents, Teachers, Care Workers, Social Workers, First Aiders.

To learn more, please visit the following page:

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