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Charametrics Report

Discover Your Primary Character Strength

How a Charametrics Report Works

The Charametrics assessment tool is used to assess the character strengths of people. This can be used to gain an understanding of how their unique character strengths contribute to a team culture or job role based on a set of aspirational/target values, virtues, or character qualities.

The assessment tool can also be used to demonstrate the collective character strengths of a team of people in comparison to a culture aspirational set of values.

A charametrics report provides the following:

    • Identifies the leading 3 Character Strengths and associated Archetypes from a Professional, Social and Spiritual perspective
    • Highlights and describes the Character Archetype including the qualities, the challenge and the thriving state of each Archetype
    • Insight into the current phases of Character Evolution
    • Insight into the 3 most Preferred Ways of Being Valued
    • Insight into Life and Culture Needs Preference
    • Highlights unique Character Strengths against a global average
    • Insights about how Character Strengths are utilised in a team environment
    • Identifies the alignment of Character Strengths compared to a specific job role or organisational culture

Charametrics can be used for the following scenarios:

    • Performance coaching
    • Team building and connection workshops
    • Highlight collective strengths of a team compared to culture aspirations
    • Conflict resolution coaching
    • Relationship coaching
    • Leadership and project management
    • Recruitment for culture and role fit selection process
    • Recruitment interviewing insights to form questions
    • Custom profiling of high performance success attributes to any role or function

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Sample Charametrics Report Archetypes wheel
Your Character Archetypes example
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An example page showing how to interpret part of the report
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A page showing the character strengths alignment

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